Family Walking Group - Salesbury Exploration Group (SEGS)


The aim of this organisation is to promote a love of walking and enjoyment of the countryside for families, friends and past and present studemts, staff and governors, of Salesbury School.


  1. A programme of walks will be arranged in September each year and published via a email and the web site. (
  2. Each walk is to have a nominated leader who will enlist the help of other adults to assist on the walk as back markers.
  3. The leader of each walk is to reconnoitre the walk beforehand.
  4. The leader must be able to navigate the walk effectively in poor visibility.
  5. The walk leader must be aware of any specific risks on the walk.
  6. Details of the walks/weekends away are to be published, including warning notes about parental responsibility and suitable clothing/equipment etc.
  7. No children are to be accepted on the walk unless they are part of a family group with an adult being in charge of, and responsible for them.
  8. Any dogs are to be kept under close control.
  9. Consideration is to be given to the size of the group walking on the day. Sufficient control adults are to be nominated by the walk leader and briefed before setting off.
  10. The Countryside Code is to be followed on the walks.
  11. The pace is to be dictated by the slowest.
  12. Front and back markers are to be in place.
  13. A basic First Aid kit and a survival bag are to be carried by the walk leader.
  14. Gates are to be closed as necessary by the back markers.
  15. Any specific hazards are to be pointed out along the way by the walk leader.
  16. Suitable and frequent possible rest stops are to be thought out beforehand and used on the walk.
  17. Head counts are to be made after each significant stop.
  18. If for any reason it is advisable for the group to split, then the walk leader must be assured that the leaving group know the route they are to follow and have suitable maps and directions. Another adult must assume responsibility for the leaving group.
  19. If there is an accident then all the adults are to be advised and help sought from within the group.
  20. Mobile phones are to be used if possible to summon or seek help.
  21. For a weekend away, the Youth Hostel management is to be asked for the hostel's risk assessment at the time of booking.
  22. Inappropriate behaviour must not be tolerated by the walk leaders for the safety of all.
  23. The route/walk will be described to the group prior to departure and any specific hazards described.

Note: A risk assessment covering the activities of the SEGS Family Walking Group has been carried out and can be seen by clicking here

January 2006